“Akuna Matata” – you will hear this expression everywhere in Africa where they speak Swahili. The translation from Swahili is “to live a careless life”, the Africans themselves give an easier translation: Don’t worry! And the Russians say: Everything will be ok!

But these words have a deeper meaning. There is just no place on our planet where everything is Akuna-Matata. But still on any part of the Earth you will find people who follow this motto. It is inner state which helps to take our life philosophically and go ahead not loosing heart.

The staff of the travel company “Akuna Matata”

Акуна Матата и никаких проблем

We understand that such a place does not exist but everybody wants to find it, at least for several days. It is quite real if you know the exact sense of these words for yourselves. Some people take them as relaxation spending time on a beach without any problems, the other as cold mountains and descending on the snowy slope, for some people this expression means impressions after visiting sights and culture of different countries. Everybody chooses their own world where the absolute “Akuna Matata” reigns. And it is wonderful as such place where any person can think: “Yes, it is really Akuna Matata… I will return here to feel these emotions again…” should exist on the Earth!