The Diamond Fund

The Diamond Fund is the unique collection of the works of the best Russian and world jewelers, rare samples of precious stones and nuggets of the noble metals. After seeing such treasures in the Diamond Fund your guests will definitely be impressed and will want to conclude serious deals. 

 The Diamond Fund is the richest museum of Russia. Established by Peter I as the storage of state regales, order awards, fine jewelries the museum was constantly filled up during the Romanovy dynasty reign and later during the Soviet Times.  

The most expensive crown in the world belonged to Ekaterina II, decorated with almost 5000 diamonds and 75 pearls is kept in the Diamond Fund. Even the most altruistic person won’t be indifferent having seen nuggets of gold and platinum such as 36 kilogram “Big Triangle” and 14 kilogram “Horse Head”. Among historical stones of the collection of the Diamond Fund, the world known “Shah” diamond one of the oldest Indian diamonds having saved Middle Ages writings, and incomparable Columbian emerald are represented.