Excursion in one of the largest cinema studios is a unique opportunity to enter mysterious and magical world of cinema. Every month about 5000 people learn how the movie is shot.

Excursion to the cinema studio "Mosfilm" is one of unexpected discoveries: the capital has a separate real cinema city: big (40 ha), of limited access (throughput system) so familiar but mysteriously unknown. “Mosfilm” does not need to be specially introduced. Since 1923 more than 2500 movies have been shot here. Today “Mosfilm” is the largest and technically equipped production base in the whole Europe. We love and know our cinematography, actors and directors. But not everybody can manage to penetrate the studio.

Excursion to the cinema studio "Mosfilm is a small journey to the world of cinema. Illusion and reality are inseparable here. You can look (not touch though we want to) at the familiar clothes and decorations which favorite actors used playing in the most favorite movies. In the museum of cars there is the whole auto park of the soviet cinema – auto stars of “Caucasian Captive” (Kavkazskaya Plennitsa),”Meeting place is unchangeable” etc. Make- up department, decoration of old Moscow under the open sky (you can’t but believe it is real) and “Keep silent!!! The movie is being shot!” The work is carried out in 14 pavilions of the studio: movies and serials, advertisements and video clips are shot here. It is possible we will see something.