The Museum of Oriental Art


The State Museum of Oriental Art is one of the largest cultural- educational centers in which the art of Far and Middle East, Middle Asia, Caucasus, Transcaucasia , Kazakhstan, Buryatia, Chukotka (in total more than 147 500 museum exhibits) is the most fully introduced. 18 December 1991 by Presidenе’s of the RF order the museum was referred to the especially valued objects of the cultural heritage of Russia. Here permanent expositions are introduced: “Art of Korea”, “Art of China”, “Art of Japan”, “Art of South-East Asia” (Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia), “Art of Caucasus” (North Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia), “Art of Iran”, “Art of India”, “Art of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan”, “Art of Buryatia, Mongolia and Tibet”, “Art of the northern people”, “Fine arts of Transcaucasia  and Middle Asia (XIX-first half of XX centuries)”, “Works of N.K. and S.N. Roerich”. Together with permanent expositions in the museum exhibits of works of the talented Russian and foreign figures of culture are regularly taken.