The uniqueness of the museum is that architectural - park ensemble and art collections are saved on their historic place.


 Palace-park ensemble of the epoch of classicism and the richest art collections assosiated Arkhangelskoye with „Moscow Versailles“. Since the end of XVII century the estate belong to the princes Golitsini and since October 1810 till revolution in 1917 – to the collector and donator prince N.B.Usupov (1751-1831) and his offsprings. The building and decorating of the estate is connected with the names of such architects as Gern, Trombar, Petondy, Gonzag, Bove and Klein.

In the art collection the works of the famous west-european artists of XVII-XIX centuries – A. Van Dyke, D.B. Tyapolo, F. Bushe, U. Rober and others are introduced.

The collection of decorative and applied art contains art bronse, clocks, furniture, works of Usupov's porcelain manufacture in Arkhangelskoye (1820-1830) and leading european manufactures of XVIII-XIX centuries. The collection of sculpture referres to the Usupov's exposition (VII century B.C. – beginning of XX century). The pride of the museum is the collection of rare books – the hugest among all estate libraries (more than 16000 volumes of Russian and west-european editions of XVI-XIX centuries).