Kuskovo estate is a unique memorial to the culture of XVIII century, one of the earliest samples of summer country residences of Russia.


The estate built by order of the counts Sheremetevi served for gorgeous receptions, taking of mass theatre performances and celebrations. More than 20 unique memorials of architecture and also regular french park of the estate having marble sculpture, ponds and pavillions, the only in Russia, have been kept to nowadays.


In 1919 the estate became a museum and since 1938 after transferring of the museum of ceramics unique in Russia to Kuskovo was called State museum of ceramics and „Kuskovo Estate“. Today it is one of the largest world owners of ceramics and glass collections of different countries from antiquity to modern times.


Every year exhibitions, concerts of classic music take place in Kuskovo, ancient traditions of estate celebrations, receptions and holidays are renewed.