Among large residential districts in the South of Moscow one of the most unusual places of the capital and even whole Russia is situated. Approximately two hundred years ago contemprorary A.F. Raevsky wrote about it: „Anything smart the nature has, anything beautiful the art has everything you will find in Tsaritsyno.“

The area museum-reserve „Tsaritsyno“covers now, contains deep historical memory which goes with its roots to the times of ancient vyatichi and is connected with the names of noble boyar and prince families Streshnevy, Golitsiny, Kantemirovy. Many figures of culture and art who left admired descriptions of the things seen visited Tsaritsyno which had the fame of the most beautiful estate of Moscow areas - N.M. Karamzin, P.A. Vyazemsky, I.S. Turgenev, I.A. Bunin etc. In Tsaritsyno really magnificently beautiful landscape and the greatest architectural masterpieces created by genius Russian architects V.I. Bazhenov and M.F. Kazakov blended together.

One is attracted and surprised with strange fate of Tsaritsyno, still unsolved mystery connected with its building, the image of the huge estate itself romantic and to some extent mysterious which looks like museum of unlimited ideas of XVIII century, rich in imagination, phantasies and caprices, numerous atempts to complete its building, its slow during twohundred years decline. Fate and time appeared to be cruel to Tsaritsyno. The most died, was lost, sometimes irrevocably. But nowadays almost magical resurrection of unrealized Moscow region residence of Ekaterina the Great happened. And today it is the most popular place in whole Moscow. People's crowd ends neither in Summer, nor in winter, nor in the day time nor at night.