Kulikovo Field - Epiphan – Monastirshchina


The battle of Kulikovo in 1380 is the most important event in the history of Middle Ages Russia which mostly influenced future fate of Russia and was the beginning of liberation of North-East Russia from yoke of Golden Orda (Zolotaya Orda). It greatly influenced composing of united Russian State, forming of Russian national self-consciousness. The battle on Kulikovo field became the largest battle of the Middle Ages. More than 100 thousand warriors met here.

State military-historical and natural museum-reserve “Kulikovo Field” consists of several objects:

1. Museum-memorial complex on Red Hill (Krasny Holm) (near Ivanovka village)

Here according to the legend headquarters of Mamai was situated. The complex includes the temple of Sergy Radonezhsky (where the exposition “For Russian earth and Christian belief” is located) and Monument-Column in honor of Noble born prince of Moscow Dmitry Donskoy.

Besides 12 km from Red Hill (not far from  v. Griboedov) on the bank of the river Don Proshchenny Well (Forgiven Well) is situated, where, as the legend says, Dmitry Donskoy washed his wounds after the battle and said goodbye  to the killed warriors.

2. Museum-memorial complex in Monastirshchina settlement

Here according to the legend died warriors are buried. The complex includes: the temple of Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, memorial to Dmitry Donskoy, Alley of Memory and Unity and the museum of Kulikovo Field in which in four halls exposition “The Great Beginning of Russia” is situated.

Not far from Monastirshchina settlement Green Oak wood  -  the place of Ambush regiment location is situated; memorial cross is set on this place.  

3. Museum of History of Russian Merchant Class, Epiphan settlement

The museum includes expositions: “Bourgeois Drawing-Room”, “Merchant’s shop”, “Cellar of the Merchant’s shop (exhibit of packagers, measures means and scales)”. For groups playing program “At merchant’s Baibakov place” including tea party is performed.

Languages: Russian, English. Excursions in other foreign languages are possible.