Tula State Museum of Arms


Since 16 century Tula has been a smithy of Russian arm. Since that times Tula armourers began producing cannons, guns, sabers, pistols, etc. Under the ancient vaults of Bogoyavlensky Cathedral on the territory of Tula Kremlin the unique collections of arm are exhibited and kept. Tula museum of arm is one of the oldest in the country. The order of Peter I served a beginning of samples collecting. In December 1775 Ekaterina II ordered to organize Chamber of rare and exemplary arm in Tula Factory of Arms.

In contrast to Hermitage, Armory Museum and Historical Museum where Tula arm is mostly represented with decorated samples Tula museum has the collection of arm from Peter’s I times to our days. Works of Tula armourers differ with great mastery of art metal and wood processing and quality of manufacturing as well.  Oriental arm giving the image of art direction in the developing of arm manufacture in Turkey, Iran an Japan is highly valued. West-European fire-arms from Belgium, Germany, France, England and Italy are of great importance. Arm of these countries is interesting with peculiarity of its mechanisms and systems types. The samples of arm manufactured by Tula craftsmen in honor of visiting the factory by Noble princes compose a sufficient group of memorials.

The traditions of Tula armourers are kept and increased nowadays: modern samples of highly artistic hunting arm, functioning miniature models of guns, rifles and revolvers are very interesting.     

Cartographic material is used in the museum expositions, “contact zones” are also very attractive; there the visitors can feel direct connection with things which are exhibited in open access, and of course the exhibit “Tsar guns” from the museum funds gives unforgettable impressions.

Languages: Russian, English. Excursions in other foreign languages are possible by request.