Museum-Exhibition Centre «Tula Antiquities»

Museum-exhibition centre “Tula Antiquities” was founded in 1993 in Tula, in estate complex of the beginning of XX century as a historical-archeological museum named after N.N. Troitsky. In 1995 the archeological exposition devoted to the history of Tula region from the stone century till the late Middle Ages was  established. In 1997 Museum-exhibition centre “Tula Antiquities” joined the State museum-reserve “Kulikovo Field”.

In “Tula Antiquities” archeological museum and interactive exposition “Secrets of Tula craftsmen” unique in Tula work. Archeological museum introduces finds of Tula archeologists referred to various periods of the region history.

The exposition “Secrets of Tula Craftsmen” gives the visitors an opportunity to penetrate the atmosphere of artisans Tula of XVI-XVIII centuries. The interior of Tula workman’s house, pottery and forging shop let the visitors participate in the historically reconstructed process of the Middle Ages manufacture, see the household of XVII-XVIII centuries.

Main excursions:
    Review excursion in the archeological museum
    Review excursion in the exposition "Secrets of Tula Craftsmen"