Museum «Tula Kremlin»

Tula Kremlin has already being existing for five centuries. Built In the beginning of XVI century it provided reliable defense from the raids of nomads. The Kremlin has nine towers; four of them have a gate: Spasskaya (with a gate), Odoevskaya, Nikitskaya, Ivanovskaya (with a gate), Ivanovskaya (Taynitskaya), Na pogrebu (On cellar), Vodyanih vorot (of Water gate), Naugolnaya, Pyatnitskaya (with a gate).

The Kremlin is “a town in the town”. Almost all population, both military and civilians, lived in the castle. According to the chronicles of 1625 and 1685 Tula Kremlin had 107 yards and 197 inhabitants in the end of XVII century. 

The first Tula street was located on the Kremlin territory and was called Bolshaya Kremlevka. There are two cathedrals on the territory of the Kremlin. Uspensky Cathedral in Baroque style was built in 1766. In 1855-1862, Bogoyavlensky Cathedral (Epiphany Cathedral) was built in honor of Tula warriors killed during Patriotic War of 1812. Nowadays the Museum of Arm is situated in Bogoyavlensky Cathedral.    

Languages: Russian, English. Excursions in other foreign languages are possible by request.