Polenovo + boat trip to the ancient Russian city Tarusa


Polenovo can be proudly called the memorial to the great Russian painter. Here everything is filled with memory about Polenov himself. The museum introduces one of the largest collections of Polenov's works. It is worth mentioning that Polenov's works are kept in other large museums of our country as well, for example, in Moscow Tretyakov Gallery and Petersburg Russian Museum which are proud of a number of Polenov's works. The most interesting things about Polenov's art activity you can learn in the museum-reserve „Polenovo“ which is located near Tarusa, in the former estate „Borok“, exactly here Polenov's works are the most widely introduced.

Having the excursion you will not just enjoy the nature of Tula region but also learn many interesting facts, for example: do you know that none other than Levitan is considered to be a disciple of Polenov?;

Vasnetsov’s friend Polenov was a model of Ilya Muromets for the first draft to the picture of Vasnetsov “Three Athletes”;

Polenov’s picture “Jesus and the Woman Taken in Adultery” was sold to the emperor Alexander III for the incredible price which appeared to be enough for finishing of the estate construction, building of the church in Bekhovo and establishing of school for village children


Boat trip to the ancient Russian city Tarusa

Tarusa, a significant cultural center of Russia, with the city linked history of the life and work of many artists, poets, writers and directors. If desired, you can visit:
- Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul,
- Church of the Crist Resurrection (Voskresenskaya Church)
- Nikolskaya Church (XVIII century)
- Museum Tsvetaevs,
- House Paustovskii
- House Museum VA Vatagin,
- House Sviatoslav Richter
- Historical Museum.

Languages: Russian, English. Excursions in other foreign languages are possible by request.