Yasnaya Polyana


Yasnaya Polyana has been leading it calendar since the end of XVII century when its first owners the Kartsevy appeared here. The estate had gone through several stages before it completely changed during absolute reconstruction taken by grandfather of L.N. Tolstoy prince Nikolay Sergeevich Volkonsky. He may be considered to be the constructor of that Yasnaya Polyana in which later L.N. Tolstoy spent his life.

The writer's grandfather combined old features of construction (regular park „Klini“, „Preshpekt“ alley) with new composition elements (architectural ensemble, „English“ Park). „Everything my grandfather built was smart and not vulgar and hard and firm, fundamental. He had perfect aesthetic taste.“ – said L.N. Tolstoy.

The only daughter of N.S. Volkonsky, mother of L.N. Tolstoy, inherited Yasnaya Polyana. Father of the writer, Nikolay Ilyich Tolstoy, built here 32-room house in Empire style, enlarged the garden and household services.

The forests of Yasnaya Polyana: Abramovskaya posadka, Chepizh, Stary Zakaz are the places of walks and childish games of Tolstye-brothers. On the edge of the Stary Zakaz ravine where, being children, they looked for green stick of hapiness L.N. Tolstoy willed to be burried.

Yasnaya Polyana– the unique memorial and natural reserve. Here ancient buildings surrounded with picturesque parks, gardens and forests have been saved. Here the traditions of Tolstoy’s family are still alive. The walk in Yasnaya Polyana will transfer you to the world of Russian noble estates of the 19th century.


Languages: Russian, English, French, German. Excursions in other foreign languages are possible by request.